Worship Training

Vocal coach Charmaine Brown shares thoughts and strategies to help grow your worship leadership skills.

3 Tips for Building Healthy Team Culture

In this live webinar, special guest Bethany Barr Phillips shares wisdom on building healthy worship team culture. You’ll learn practical strategies that will help you better understand your role in influencing the culture on your worship team, and hear Bethany answer questions from worship vocalists on the call. Bethany is a seasoned worship leader at Church of the Highlands in Birmingham, Alabama, and co-founder of Women in Worship—a ministry whose mission is to encourage and empower creatives through community and conversation!

How to Lead the Room

In this live webinar, special guest Amber Rhoads shares incredible wisdom on how to lead the room—how we can go way past just singing songs and learn how to steward the atmosphere in our services! You’ll learn practical strategies that will help you better understand your role as a worship vocalist, and hear Amber answer questions from worship vocalists on the call. Amber Rhoads is a seasoned worship leader and worship pastor at Gateway Church in Dallas, Texas—and we know you’ll be blessed by her teaching!

When to Sing Harmony on a Worship Team

Do you sing on a worship team? Maybe you know HOW to sing harmony but wonder WHEN are the best times in the song to add harmony! Or maybe you struggle to know WHAT harmony part you should sing… Low or high?! When you have multiple vocalists on the team, how do you plan out when and what each vocalist will sing? I’m here to help answer these questions!

Learn the role of background vocalist, supporting vocalist, harmony singer on worship team - Worship Team Training Video

The Role of a Background Vocalist

Learn practical strategies on how to assist and support your worship leader, the overall sound, and the worship experience you’re creating as a team. And even more than that… understand that your role goes so much further than just the sound! It’s about our whole presence—our appearance and body language on stage—and the heart and attitude that we bring to the team!

video about how to lead in the spaces spontaneously and prophetically

The Art of Spontaneous Worship

Learn to lead in the spaces and flow in spontaneous and prophetic worship moments. We are called to be leaders who are skilled not just in our vocal instruments, but also in hearing from and flowing with the Holy Spirit to steward moments in a worship set!

Webinar - How to Transition Between Songs

How To Transition Between Songs

Learn to master the art of the song transition—how and when to sing, speak, play, and lead in the spaces. Charmaine gives strategies, ideas, and tips to help you gain confidence and eliminate the sometimes awkward, distracting moments between songs!

vocal training video about tips on crafting set lists

How To Choose Set Lists

A lot of worship leaders feel daunted by the task of putting together weekly worship set lists… How do I engage my congregation in worship? How do I choose new songs? How often should I introduce new songs? How do I blend traditional and contemporary styles? How do I know what keys to choose for each song? Do I have to start with a fast song and end with a slow song?

vocal training video about how to know which song key is best for your voice

How To Choose A Song Key

In this webinar, Charmaine unpacks the topic of how to choose a song key for your worship songs and sets. She explores the concept of the “congregationally-friendly” key and walks through some important questions to ask—original key vs your comfortable vocal range, age/gender demographics, creating dynamic song journeys, and finding balance in your worship sets.