No Longer Slaves (Bethel)

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Do you ever wish that the sound coming out of your mouth when you sing would match the passion you feel inside? Sometimes we don’t quite hit the high notes on pitch, our voice cracks and breaks (at the worst possible moment)… or we’re just not satisfied with the sound of the vocal tone that’s coming out. I’ve been there too!!! But I’ve discovered some things on my vocal journey… that I want to share with you! I want to help you match the passion you have inside with a powerful, engaging, on-pitch vocal tone!

Check out this song tutorial for how to sing “No Longer Slaves”, where I give you strategies for hitting the high notes confidently and on pitch! I’ll also show you some of my stylistic secrets… how to add a breathy, edgy texture and grit to your sound without hurting or straining your voice!

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