Practical Tools for Spirit-Led Worship (Part 2)

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So many pastors, worship leaders and team members struggle with how to facilitate true, Spirit-led worship, and still operate as, well… leaders. We earnestly want to decrease so He can increase in the worship encounter, but the answer isn’t being “weird” or having no structure! Maybe you’ve stayed away from this topic because it seems like it’s not for your “stream”. This is part 2, continuing from last week’s practical, sensitive teaching that will give you and your team simple, accessible tools to make room in your times of worship for more of what we’re all looking for: Him.

(As promised, here is the link to an example of spontaneous worship that springboards into Spirit-led. I started by singing spontaneous words of worship and some paraphrases of scripture. At minute 3:08 something beautiful begins to happen. 🙂 After that the song becomes Spirit-led, and then the fruit is an explosion of corporate worship. Watch to the end! ❤️ Yes, my hair was red. We don’t talk about those days. 😛)


Watch example video

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