Songwriting for Your Local Church

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If you’ve ever wondered about songwriting for your local church… how to get started, how to build a culture of songwriting, how to co-write effectively… then this webinar is for you! Our good friend Chris Vacher from C4 Church (near Toronto, Canada) shares absolute gold on this topic, and it’s SO practical. He covers things like:

  • Why it’s important to write (and sing) your own songs in your church
  • Why you should write WITH other people, not just on your own
  • How to build a culture of co-writing on your team
  • How to facilitate songwriting retreats
  • How their church has used this approach to write over 150 songs together, introduce 15 to their congregation, and record 4 of them on their first church worship project

Chris has created an e-book distilling some of these principles, called “Write Worship Songs“, which is a really practical guide for those considering getting started in their local church (or, for those looking to improve at it!). He’s generously made this available to our community for FREE (thanks Chris!) — all you need to do is visit the link below, add the e-book to your cart, and use the discount code “vocalist” in the checkout. Check out his other amazing resources there too, he has a great blog and some other great e-books full of so much wisdom!

Get the “Write Worship Songs” E-Book


We apologize that the recording isn’t perfect — there were a couple connection issues during the webinar, so you’ll notice a few times where Chris gets cut off mid-sentence.

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