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Hello! So glad you’re here! I’m excited to coach you on your voice and help you improve and gain confidence in your worship leading! So often we get up there to lead worship, and all we can think about is our voice… what’s going wrong… what’s already gone wrong… that high note that’s coming up. It’s so distracting and frustrating! I want you to be able to think about everything except what’s going wrong in your voice. I want you to be able to focus on God, focus on worshipping passionately and authentically, leading your congregation, and listening to the Holy Spirit. I’m excited to share what I’ve learned along my journey and keep going on this same journey of vocal improvement with you!

Charmaine Brown, Vocal Coach & Worship Leader & Certified Vocal Coach with Singing Success
Charmaine Brown

Vocal Coach / Founder

Who We Are

The Worship Vocalist is a community of worship leaders and singers all around the world. We love to sing, but more than that, we’re committed to pursuing our craft and improving our skills as vocalists so we can more effectively minister to our congregations and create settings for them to easily encounter the presence of God through worship. The Worship Vocalist provides high-quality, affordable vocal coaching, so that vocalists all over the world can improve their worship leadership and vocal skills—range, tone, strength, stamina, style, and harmony—all from wherever they live! 

Founded by Jason & Charmaine Brown

Worship leaders and artists themselves, Jason & Charmaine founded the community in 2016.

Created in Canada, serving the world

Our headquarters are in beautiful Calgary, Alberta… but our community is international!

Building both skill AND heart

We create tools to help improve not just our voices, but also our character.

Don’t just take our word for it…

“Oh my goodness! This is like nothing I’ve experienced before!”

Bailey B.

Castlegar, Canada

“I was able to hit notes that I had never hit before! My technique has completely changed!”

Peter H.

Waterloo, Canada

review from Kaylee for The Worship Vocalist

Kaylee P.

Waterloo, Canada

“She has inspired me to be who I was created to be and to develop the gift that is within me. She is not only a vocal coach to me, she is someone I admire and am honoured to be taught by. She is amazing!”

review from Justin for The Worship Vocalist

Justin S.

Guelph, Canada

“Charmaine has been extremely helpful in developing my somewhat raw voice and I can now actually control it properly! My range has increased and I’ve learned how to hit notes far beyond what I could before.”

review from Jennifer for The Worship Vocalist

Holli S.

Spring, United States

“I am beyond grateful for Charmaine, and don’t know what I’d do without her! The Worship Vocalist is my only—yes, only—go-to place to cultivate my voice, and I recommend her to everyone I know!”

“Charmaine has completely changed the way I sing! I’m singing songs in 2 keys higher than I was just a year or two ago, and my voice is NEVER tired anymore! I can actually talk after church on Sunday and not feel like I’m tearing my vocal chords – kind of important 😉 … Charmaine is my singing hero!”

Marquelle P.

Fredericton, Canada

“I used to listen to songs and think I could never sing like that… now I have the tools I need to get there!”

Larissa G.

Cambridge, Canada

“There are people who don’t just teach voices, but BUILD voices—BUILD human beings. Charmaine is one of those people.”

Brett Manning, Master Vocal Coach

Nashville, United States

review from Justin S for The Worship Vocalist

“I expected a “recap” of things I already knew… But I was blown away, this was fantastic! Charmaine teaches in ways that are fresh and insightful. I’ve never received more positive feedback from my team members on other training events—there was so much buzz afterwards about what they received.”

Justin Z.

Halifax, Canada

review from Rob for The Worship Vocalist

“There’s something for everyone to take away and work on, and all of it is relevant to the needs of our worship team vocalists. This material gives me things I can continue to work on with my teams not only with singing, but also vocal blend and stage presence.”

Rob G.

Waterloo, Canada

“I can’t say enough good things about working with Charmaine. Had our first lesson last night, and to hear the improvement in a 5 minute span of time was mind blowing!”

Andrew R.

Marlboro, United States

“I have a lot more to learn, but I now have the tools I need to sing any worship song!”

Shara-Rae J.

Grande Prairie, Canada

“Unlocking these new terrains in my voice, after all these years, is super exciting! The results speak for themselves!”

Bec A.

Waterloo, Canada

review from Jasmine for The Worship Vocalist

“Charmaine has equipped me with the knowledge, training, tools and support that I need to succeed in improving vocally. With dedication and consistency I’ve seen a huge improvement in my voice, and it’s only been a couple of months. WOW. My voice no longer hurts after Sunday, it sounds stronger and more controlled, and my confidence has grown! What a gift she has been. I’m beyond excited to see what the next few months and years will bring with her guidance.”

Jasmine B.

Revelstoke, Canada

review from Juanita for The Worship Vocalist

“The Worship Vocalist has been an invaluable tool for me this past year. I have learned how to do things things I didn’t even realize could be taught. Charmaine is a talented singer and worship leader, but she’s also a gifted teacher. She is able to explain concepts simply and understandably so that I can practice and grow as a vocalist and a worship leader. I love her passion and wisdom as she teaches and leads with the aim of glorifying God as first priority. Thank you so much Charmaine!”

Juanita R.

Ingersoll, Canada

“This site and all it offers is such a help! Thankful to be able to learn and be knowledgeable about my voice and leading worship!”

Rebecca F.

Fairborn, United States

review from Justin for The Worship Vocalist

Marcy S.

Kingston, Canada

“I enjoy so much of what you have available to us and I am thankful for the opportunity to learn on my own schedule at my own pace. I feel like I am finally starting to find my own voice! Thank you!”

review from Kaylee for The Worship Vocalist

Daniel M.

North Royalton, United States

“I just became a member but I am learning what is really important when it comes to vocal training. The exercises are very helpful and I cannot wait to continue and see where I am in a month and beyond!”

review from Jennifer for The Worship Vocalist

Tammy U.

Amory, United States

“What a blessing it is to be able to be a part of the community and learn from Charmaine! Finding her has truly been a God-send. In just a short time, I can already hear and feel improvements in my voice and confidence.”

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Discover Your Voice

A 7-lesson foundational course that teaches you how to strengthen your voice, increase your range, improve your tone, and get rid of vocal tension… including downloadable workouts you can put on your phone or in your car!

Master Your Voice

Take the foundational principles of “Discover Your Voice” and dive even deeper into how to truly be an artist with your voice—by learning to explore and master vocal tone, texture, dynamics, vibrato, phrasing and more.

Harmony Essentials for Worship

An 11-part series to help you master the art of finding your harmony part and know when to sing it!

Taking Care of Your Voice

Charmaine’s top 7 tips for how to keep your voice healthy, including her favourite, tried-and-true natural remedies for getting rid of sickness!