Harmony Essentials for Worship

Master the art of finding your harmony part and knowing when to sing it! Have you always wanted to be able to sing harmony? Do you have a basic grasp of harmony but want to master the skill? Here’s your fundamental guide for singing harmony on a worship team—how to find your harmony part, when to sing it, and how to make it blend perfectly as a team of vocalists!

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Lesson 1: Intro to Harmony

01 Intro to Harmony

Lesson 2: Intervals

02 Intervals

Lesson 3: Chords

03 Chords

Lesson 4: Melodic Movement

04 Melodic Movement

Lesson 5: Finding Your First Note

05 Finding Your First Note

Lesson 6: Harmonic Movement - Part One

06 Harmonic Movement – Part One

Lesson 7: Harmonic Movement - Part Two

07 Harmonic Movement – Part Two

Lesson 8: Staying In Your Lane

08 Staying In Your Lane

Lesson 9: The Role of a Background Vocalist

09 The Role of a Background Vocalist

Lesson 10: Song Mapping

10 Song Mapping

Lesson 11: Achieving Vocal Blend

11 Achieving Vocal Blend

This final lesson will bring it all together as we explore one of the most important things to master as a background vocalist—achieving a good vocal blend. We’ll talk about why blend is immensely important on a worship team, and you’ll learn practical strategies for how to blend your vocal tone, volume, vibrato, and phrasing.