Vocal Tips

Vocal coach Charmaine Brown shares tips and answers questions from Worship Vocalist subscribers.

  • How to Sing Any Song Better

    Want to know the top 3 strategies to making any song sound better? Check out this video for tips and tricks that will have you sounding better by this...

  • How to Make Your Vibrato Sound Contemporary

    This lesson is especially for you if you know you need to learn to minimize your vibrato (or maybe you suspect that you need to!). Vibrato is a beautiful...

  • A Simple Trick for Better High Notes

    If you’re struggling with a high note in a song, try this simple trick—THINK DOWN as you SING HIGH… do the OPPOSITE movement with your body to counteract your...

  • Top 10 Practice Strategies for Singers

    In this training video, you’ll learn my top 10 strategies to make the absolute most of your practice time—I’ll teach you the right things to practice in order to...

  • How to sing low notes

    A quick tip to help you hit the super low notes in your worship songs in a way that sounds natural and contemporary!

  • How do I know if I’m in a mix voice?

    In a live Q&A video, vocal coach Charmaine Brown answers this question from a Worship Vocalist subscriber… “How can you tell if you are singing in a mix voice?”