Vocal Tips

Vocal coach Charmaine Brown shares tips and strategies to get the most out of your voice.

7 Tips for Better Breath Control

Developing better breath control will help you to not run out of breath (especially for those of us who move around a lot on stage!), help improve your tone, give you more stamina, AND… help you hit those challenging high and low notes!

How to Warm Up on Sunday Morning

We all know we should warm up our voice before we sing… but so often we don’t know what to do or we just don’t take the time to do it properly. I want to teach you the what, why and how of warming up your voice on a Sunday morning so that you can hit the high notes, eliminate vocal fatigue, and get the absolute best results in your voice!

How to Sing Any Song Better

Want to know the top 3 strategies to making any song sound better? Check out this video for tips and tricks that will have you sounding better by this Sunday!

How to Make Your Vibrato Sound Contemporary

How to Make Your Vibrato Sound Contemporary

This lesson is especially for you if you know you need to learn to minimize your vibrato (or maybe you suspect that you need to!). Vibrato is a beautiful thing—but a lot of worship team singers tend to use so much vibrato in their songs that their voice ends up sounding more classical than contemporary. It’s really important for singing in the context of contemporary worship that we learn to control our vibrato and learn how to use it in a subtle, tasteful way—and that’s what this lesson is all about!

A simple trick for better notes by thinking down as you sing high

A Simple Trick for Better High Notes

If you’re struggling with a high note in a song, try this simple trick—THINK DOWN as you SING HIGH… do the OPPOSITE movement with your body to counteract your brain’s tendency to reach and strain for the high notes! Watch as vocal coach Charmaine Brown demonstrates three variations on this trick… and get ready to experience freedom in your voice!

Learn the best ways to practice and get the most out of your voice as a worship vocalist

Top 10 Practice Strategies for Singers

In this training video, you’ll learn my top 10 strategies to make the absolute most of your practice time—I’ll teach you the right things to practice in order to see the best results in your voice! Whether you’re a worship leader or background vocalist on your worship team—these tips are for you! Most of us live full, busy lives, and we don’t have time for hours and hours of practicing our singing… so it’s all the more crucial that we use the time we DO have… to the fullest! I want to save you SO much wasted time and effort—these practice strategies will double, triple… quadruple your efforts, and fast-track you to way more success in your singing… I’m confident of that!

How to sing low notes

A quick tip to help you hit the super low notes in your worship songs in a way that sounds natural and contemporary!

Classical vs Contemporary Style

I’ve met so many worship vocalists who want so badly to sing on their worship team, but they don’t make it past the audition… or they would love the opportunity to lead a song… but they are always put on backup vocals. Or, they’re just not sure why their voice doesn’t “fit” with the other singers on their worship team. Or, maybe you’re a worship pastor and you have vocalists on your team whose voices—although perhaps they sound lovely—don’t blend well with the other vocalists on stage. Maybe you’ve just always wondered… what’s the deal with “classical” and “contemporary”—what does that mean and how are they different?! If you can relate with any of the above, this lesson is for you!