01 Introduction

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About this course

In this introductory lesson, we’ll outline the features of the course, review the basics of singing, anatomy, and resonance, as well as lay out the expectations you should have for embarking on this course… and for your vocal improvement! To get the most out of your course experience, here are a few recommendations and things you’ll need.

Computer or smartphone

You’ll need a device where you have internet and can login to your account to access the video/audio content.

High-speed internet

This course will require you to stream video content and stream or download vocal workouts. A speed of at least 50 mbps is recommended for an optimal experience, but less than that often works just fine. To test your internet speed, go to www.speedtest.net and click “Begin Test”.

Suggested course schedule

This course builds on the foundations of “Discover Your Voice”, so we highly recommend completing that course before starting here! Before beginning “Master Your Voice”, print the suggested 8-week or 16-week course schedule to keep track of your lessons and workouts. It’ll be tempting to move through Part 1 as quickly as possible, but we’ve divided the content into eight main sections and it’s best to spend a minimum of one week per section. You are welcome to move more slowly at your own pace, but we recommend doing Part 1 of the course over a minimum period of eight weeks. This will help you see consistent progress in your voice as you learn new coordinations and get rid of old vocal habits!


Lesson notes

Print the PDF notes as you begin each lesson and have them handy so you can follow along as you move through the videos and workouts. We’ve provided space so you can jot down your questions, thoughts and observations!


Stay hydrated as you’re going through the videos and vocal workouts! Lots and lots of water and herbal tea!

Vocal Coaching

Need more help? Having trouble with an exercise? Want feedback or specific help? We’ve provided a number of “Master Your Voice Checkpoints” to provide personalized feedback as your make your way through Part 1. Additionally, in our Worship Vocalist store, you can purchase the “Analyze My Voice” product to get Charmaine’s written feedback on a song you’re working on!

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