20 Crafting a Song Journey

Master Your Voice | 21 comments

Using everything we’ve explored in this section of the course, we’ll put it all together and dive deep into song application! In this lesson, you’ll learn how to craft a beautiful, emotional journey in a song and be able to make decisions on vocal tone moment-by-moment—both by understanding your unique vocal sound and by discerning what is best for each moment in worship. This lesson also marks the next “Master Your Voice” Checkpoint — learn more or submit Checkpoint #5 here.

See the lesson resources below to:

  • download the lesson notes (in Downloads tab)
  • download the vocal workout for offline use (in Downloads tab)

Congrats on finishing Part 2 of Master Your Voice! I recommend spending a couple extra weeks reviewing the workouts and concepts from this section, so you can move into Part 3 in strength!

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