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Worship Vocalist Access Pass - Individual

Access Pass

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An Individual Access Pass includes unlimited access to all the video & audio resources on the site, PLUS we’re adding new content all the time!

What's in an access pass?

  • a 7-lesson foundational course called Discover Your Voice that teaches you how to strengthen your voice, increase your range, improve your tone, and get rid of vocal tension… including downloadable workouts you can put on your phone or in your car!
  • a series all about Taking Care of Your Voice that shares Charmaine’s top 7 tips for how to keep your voice healthy, including her favourite, tried-and-true natural remedies for getting rid of sickness!
  • an 11-part series on Harmony Essentials for Worship that helps you master the art of finding your part and knowing when to sing it!
  • a brand-new series called Master Your Voice, which takes the foundational principles of “Discover Your Voice” and dives even deeper into how to truly be an artist with your voice—by learning to explore and master vocal tone, texture, dynamics, vibrato, phrasing and more.
  • song tutorials about how to sing popular worship songs like “What A Beautiful Name”, “Holy Spirit”, “Reckless Love”, “Living Hope”, and more!
  • vocal workouts and webinars which you can join live or catch the replay later… where you can learn vocal warmup routines, vocal health tips, worship leading tips, and more!
  • invitation to The Worship Vocalist private Facebook community, where you can ask questions, take part in challenges, and more!
  • exclusive access to get feedback on your voice by submitting a video and receiving a personal assessment from Charmaine on where you’re at and how you can improve (at additional cost, available anytime)!
  • exclusive access to private, one-on-one sessions with Charmaine (at additional cost, limited availability)!

What happens if I switch from monthly to yearly?

With our Yearly option, you’ll save 72% off the monthly rate with the convenience of one annual payment. You can switch to yearly anytime by managing your subscription in your Account settings. You won’t be charged on the day you switch, it will wait until your next billing date when you’ll be charged your new yearly rate.

** Access Pass subscriptions auto-renew until cancelled.

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