The Power of Vocal Exercise

by | Jan 12, 2020 | 4 comments

But what about singing SONGS?! Don’t worry… I know you want to sing… which is the reason I make you buzz your lips and sound like a crazy person saying GOO and NAY in every lesson I teach. And… if you truly understood that these things are the key to unlocking that incredible singing voice that you want… you would NAY NAY NAY all day long!

A solid foundation of vocal technique is incredibly important to developing a healthy (and great-sounding!) voice.

So if you’re unsatisfied with the measly range of notes you can sing… if you experience tiredness or strain after singing on a Sunday morning… if you have no idea from day to day if you’re going to be able to hit that big note in the song… here’s where it’s at: scales, scales, scales.

NAY. GOO. MUM. WAH. BUH. (If you’ve been around The Worship Vocalist community for any length of time, you’re probably becoming familiar with some of these by now!)

Some people believe that you’re either “born with it” or you’re not… which is actually not true! I wasn’t “born with it”, and I know a hundred other people who weren’t “born with it”… and our voices have improved dramatically through vocal exercise! If you went to the gym every day (and ate super-foods and not junk), there’s no way your body wouldn’t look amazing in a matter of time. It’s the same with the voice—it’s made up of muscles just like the other muscles in your body. And without good technique, those muscles will be weak and unreliable (and when something is unreliable, your confidence takes a hike. Would you get into a car with brakes that only work half the time?!). But… WITH good technique, naturally your range expands, your muscles strengthen and your voice becomes incredibly reliable (so you don’t have to cringe when you get to that high note anymore… can I get an AMEN?!).

Your voice was designed by God to work in a very specific, coordinated way—it’s a beautifully complex human instrument!

And when you learn the intricacies of this instrument… when you do the right exercises to strengthen your weaknesses and create healthy vocal cord closure… when you learn to use the most efficient resonance for each part of your range… you’ll be able to move throughout your (increased!) range with freedom and ease… you’ll have a beautiful and consistent tone, hit the high notes, be able to do the octave jumps, do lightning-fast licks and trills… whatever you want!

And NOT (I repeat… not!) so that you can say “look at me… look at what my voice can do!” But because HE deserves the glory… and He GETS glory when we hone our skills and when we use them passionately and humbly (which doesn’t mean shrinking back… the world needs our boldness and artistry!). The Creator of our instrument is a MASTER… He is incredibly detailed, creative, and passionate about beauty, and I love what Martin Luther said:

“When man’s natural musical ability is whetted and polished to the extent that it becomes an art, then do we note with great surprise the great and perfect wisdom of God in music, which is, after all, His product and His gift.”

So… now’s your time! If you’re not already on a vocal exercise plan, get on it! My “Discover Your Voice” course is the best place to start (or start back if you’ve fallen off the bandwagon for awhile!)—I take you through 6 weeks of step-by-step vocal workouts (I recommend 15-30 minutes of vocal exercises per day, minimum 3-5 times per week). And if you’ve completed those lessons, make sure to move onto “Master Your Voice”… I’ve designed and recorded literally hundreds of scale and song application exercises and I am absolutely confident that they will transform your voice—if you do them diligently!

You’ve got this—and I’m here to help along the way… so don’t hesitate to reach out! My goal is to help YOU get your voice to the next level this year!

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  1. jakluth

    As I was growing up, my dad said I couldn’t sing if it wasn’t natural, if I couldn’t sing in key automatically–and I longed to sing in worship but utterly distracted with fear that the person next to me would be cringing at my voice.

    What gave me hope I might one day sing was years later when one of the lead vocalists told me she never had it naturally either, she trained hard, and was even offered a record deal that she turned down for the sake of her single parenthood. Then, about a decade later, my dad admits he’s partially tone deaf.

    After a significant event over a year ago, God transformed me through His grace and gave me a new voice and a identity worth believing in and fighting for: worshipper. He never let up until I began to believe.

    In the span of a year, I was given a year of free vocal, songwriting, and guitar training, involved in songwriting workshops, acquainted with music producers and professional musicians and currently being trained at low cost by one of them, discovered and invited into the Celebrate Recovery worship team, and become involved in facilitating worship in corporate prayer environments. It has been a whirlwind.

    I started out in complete disbelief that God could ever use me in worship, especially as the woman at the well I was… but I was so desperate to stop numbing my pain by returning to my old habits that I was willing to do anything to ease it the right way, even music. This was His response. 🙂

    I still struggle with believing…it takes time to undo old habits and put new ones in place, but given enough time and effort, it will become natural for me to turn to God in worship in all my circumstances. Thanks for letting me share!

    • Charmaine Brown

      Wow, what a journey—love the path that God has you on! Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Jac

    This is so encouraging. I am absolutely awestruck and almost in disbelief that you weren’t “born with it”. Your voice is so beautiful and silky, smooth!

    • Charmaine Brown

      Glad you were encouraged! And thanks for your kind words—I’ve put in many hundreds (probably thousands?!) of hours of work!


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